Frequently Asked Questions

If you are unable to answer your question below please contact our support team.

Q. Do I need to Uninstall previous versions of VPR before I install Version 2.9 build 5?

No, you can install VPR 2.9 build 5 over your previous version of VPR. A small number of customers have experienced problems after uninstalling the previous version and trying to install 2.9 build 5. If this happens please contact our support desk and we will send you the required fix.

Q. Can I network my VPR program?
A. Yes the current version of VPR (2.9 build 5) is network ready.
Q. How do I network VPR?
A. VPR must be installed on every machine that will be running the program. However the Client/Patient information and history can be shared over a network. To share the database use the “Locate Client & Patient Database” tool in the Veterinary Software Associates program group. To locate this tool go to Start – Programs – Veterinary Software Associates – Locate Client and Patient Database. You will need to point this tool to the VPR folder in the Program Files folder of the “server” on your local network. In this folder you will see the vsaclients.mdb file which is to be shared.
Q. I cannot find a drug that I am looking for - I know the spelling is correct but I cannot find it in the drug list.

A. Make sure you are not searching for a brand name in the generic name list. Many of our customers have become so familiar with brand names they associate that name with the actual name of the drug. Try searching for your drug under the brand name search. If you still can’t find your drug, please notify us on our Report Errors & Issues link on this website.

Q. When I open some of the charts they are not displayed large enough to read. How do I fix this?

A. The 4 conversions charts are displayed in your Ibrowser window. Resize your browser window by dragging the corners of the window to the size you would prefer. The next time you view the charts they will remain at that size.

Q. How do I get back to the last drug that I searched for without searching again?
A. In the upper right corner of your VPR program you will see the current drug displayed. The arrows pointing to the left will take you back to the previous drugs displayed. This history is only for the current session of the program. Once you close VPR and reopen, the history is wiped out.
Q. What are the system requirements for VPR?

A. VPR will run on most Windows machines currently in use. However, recommended specifications would be at least a 2GHZ processor with 4GB of memory, and approximately 500MB of free hard drive space.

Q. How can I see the dosage or Available forms for a drug when I am using the Calculator?
A. In the newest version of VPR a Dosage & Available Forms section has been added to the Calculator. To access this tool click on the small arrow in the upper right hand corner of the dosage calculator.
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